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The journey

Entering in the Port of Ravenna after sailing along the Candiano canal, a waterway 11 km long that was excavated in 1700.
Duration: approx. 1h and 30 minutes

The interpreter will explain in details your stay in Ravenna with all the information you might require before visiting the city.
We offer Italian, English, French, Germand and Russian Certified interpreters


The Basilica of San Vitale, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. Today the Basilica represents one of the most important monument of the Early Christian and Byzantine Art & Architecture.
Later on you will visit the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia constructed around AD 425-450 for empress Galla Placidia and added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.
Lastly Dante’s Tomb, a neoclassical national monument built over the tomb of the poet Dante Alighieri, sited next to the Basilica of San Francesco in the centre of Ravenna.

You’ll be delighted by a traditional Emilia-Romagna menu for a memorable enograstronomic experience.

The Basilica was constructed by Giuliano Argentario at the beginning of 6th century. In 1996 the Basilica was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List which described it as ‘an outstanding example of the early Christian Basilica in its purity and semplicity of its design and use of space and in the sumptuous nature of its decoration’.
The tour will continue to Museo Classis, the new Museum of Ravenna, that wants to narrate specific historical moments of the city of Ravenna. Along the time line, that is the main attraction of the exhibition, are shown all the different time periods that regard the city and its territory: the Etruscan-Umbrian origins, the ancient Romans, the Goth period, the Byzantine period and the Middle Ages.

You’ll visit the MAR – Art Museum of the City of Ravenna located inside the Loggetta Lombardesca. The Gallery contains more than 300 works, including paintings, sculptures and mosaics.
You will then visit the Domus of Stone Carpets, one of the most important archeological site discovered in the recent. You will definetely be amused by the beauty of its rooms and precious roman mosaics.



Walking through the shopping streets among the most prestigious Made in Italy brands. An experienced shopping planner will guarantee you privileged access to the most characteristic and exclusive shops for clothing, jewelry, local crafts and furnishing accessories.
But if shopping is not what you love most, you can guarantee yourself another memorable experience: we offer you an exclusive experience of wine tasting directly on your boat, with a sommelier and a wide choice of selected wines.

Your journey in Ravenna is almost finished. The private driver will escort you back to your Yacht in Darsena.

Departure from Darsena Città to proceed at sea

You can decide to stay a second day in the Darsena Città and dedicate yourself all the relaxation you deserve. This option includes everything indicated and included in the “One Day” Option in addition to dinner on the day of arrival prepared directly on your boat. A top-notch Chef will cook a starred menu for you and your guests, concluding the wonderful day just passed in the best possible way. All this will happen without ever leaving the comfort of your boat.
On the second day, our car with driver is at your complete disposal as well as the guide-interpreter who will be able to give you suggestions and accompany you to the places of interest and destinations you want in total freedom.

You’ll be the one deciding, with full autonomy, what to see and do in Ravenna. Needless to say, you will never be left alone. The interpreter and private driver will always be at your disposal.